Welcome to Clay County....


a rural community in Alabama where the pace is slow and the people are friendly. This is a place where you often see dogs roaming the country roads and cats chasing field mice. Some of the residents are kind enough to feed these stray animals, but most cannot afford to have them spayed or neutered.  Without an animal shelter, the options for these unwanted dogs and cats are limited.



In 2011, co-founders Patricia Wolf and Marie Greeson formed a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization called Citizens for the Welfare of Animals in Clay County (CWACC) in order to address this issue. They set up the organization so that 100% of all membership fees and donations go into a Spay-Neuter Program. Spaying and neutering will drastically reduce the overpopulation of unwanted animals. This will ultimately improve the quality of life for these precious creatures that respond so lovingly to the kindness of the dedicated members and volunteers who help make a difference.

If you would like to help CWACC then:

  • get your pet spayed or neutered
  • become a member to show your support and be assured a say at Board meetings
  • donate to the Spay-Neuter Program to help as many animals as possible
  • volunteer your time, talent or service
  • email a suggestion or idea
  • share this site with others who wish to give to a charitable organization where 100% of all contributions benefit animals

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We are extremely grateful for the support of our local veterinarians and for the care that they provide the animals.  It is with their commitment and devotion to our goal that we are able to make a difference.

Jessica Rush, DVM of Twin Creeks Vet Services

Lou C. Sanders, DVM of Country Aire Vet Clinic

Seth Taylor, DVM of Twin Creeks Vet Services

The entire dedicated staff at Country Aire Vet Clinic

The entire dedicated staff at Twin Creeks Vet Services

The veterinarians and dedicated staff at the Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic

The veterinarians and dedicated staff at the West Georgia Spay Neuter Clinic

We wish to thank Lineville Health & Rehabilitation for graciously allowing us to use their facility to conduct our monthly meetings.  It is with the generosity and support of the staff that we are able to conduct our business for the animals in our community.

We especially thank PICTURE IT -Architectural Drafting Service for their specific contributions that pay for the administrative expenses of our organization.

We thank Young's Drug Store in Lineville for their specific contributions to our raffle prize money.


We are grateful for the support of these special people who respect animals and believe in our Spay-Neuter Program.  Your donations give hope to the selfless volunteers of our organization.  Every dollar is used to help pay for the spay or neuter of a cat or dog. 

We respect our donors which is why we DO NOT sell or trade our donor's personal information.

Eugenia Alford of Clay County-04/2013, 09/2014

Renee & Billy Barnett of Clay County-02/2012

Judith Baker Belcher of AL-09/2013

Benny & Miriam Brooks of Clay County-08/2013

Brianna Brumbaugh of MD-05/2012

Terri Cabeza of Clay County-09/2014

Champion Legal Resources of GA-04/2012

Brooks Clark of AL-09/2014

Sandra Coleman of Clay County-09/2014

Kathy Dawkins of Clay County-12/2011, 01/2013, 09/2014

Mike & Rosina Earp of NC-12/2011

Patricia Evans of MD-11/2011

Charlene Frye of Clay County-09/2014

Mary Nell Gaither of Clay County-02/2013

Sharon & Steve Gaither of Clay County-03/2013

Marie Greeson of Clay County-03/2012, 08/2012, 12/2012, 01/2013, 01/2014

Betty Griffin of Clay County-02/2012

Ann Hammond of Clay County-10/2011

Patricia Hill of AL-03/2012

Alton Jenkins of Clay County-09/2014

Wade & Kimberly Jenkins of Clay County-02/2012, 07/2013

Jewel & Joe Bob Jones of Clay County-02/2013

Greg & Renee Keef of Clay County-12/2011, 01/2012, 07/2013

Kemp & Associates of AL-11/2011, 12/2012

Jenny Kiser of Clay County-09/2014

Angie Knight of Clay County-09/2014

Sandra & Ronald Lett of Clay County-03/2012

Jim & Vivian Lyle of Clay County-12/2011, 02/2012, 05/2012, 06/2012, 08/2012, 10/2012, 11/2012, 12/2012, 01/2013, 12/2013

Andra & George Millerd of CT-12/2011, 11/2012

Frank Moore of Clay County-09/2011, 04/2012, 02/2013

Sue Morrison of Clay County-02/2013

Helen Norred of Clay County-09/2014

Hack O'Hair of Clay County-01/2012, 04/2013

John & Sue O'Neill of Clay County-02/2012

Tim & Allyson Parsons of Clay County-05/2013

W. E. Phillips of Clay County-04/2013

Jack & Pamela Ruppel of Clay County-01/2013

Dr. Dwain & Anna Marie Rush of Clay County-12/2014

Jimmy Sims of Clay County-02/2012

Carole & Terrell Smith of Clay County-09/2014

Darlene & Luther Smith of Clay County-07/2012

Eric & Melissa Smith of Clay County-12/2011, 10/2012, 12/2012, 10/2013, 12/2013

Gale Smith of Clay County-09/2014

Glennel  & David Smith of Clay County-04/2013

Lenwerd & Linda Smith of GA-12/2013

Barbara & Robert Storjohann of Clay County-12/2011, 02/2012

Shari Taylor of GA -09/2011, 02/2012, 03/2013

Jamie Swindall of Clay County-06/2013

David & Kathy Vought of Clay County-02/2012, 02/2013

Joyce Walker of Clay County-09/2011, 12/2011, 10/2012, 12/2012, 12/2013

David Wesson of Clay County-09/2014

Tali Willis of Clay County-03/2012

Maxine Willoughby of Clay County-05/2012, 07/2013

Danny & Patty Wolf of Clay County-02/2013, 09/2014


We thank the following for their generous donations in loving memory of our friend, colleague, and Vice Chairman, Jim Lyle.

Barbara Aldred of Riverchase, AL

Joel & Anna Alindogan of Sandy, UT

JoJo Alindogam of Birmingham, AL

Ruby Nell Brackin of Florence, AL

Charles & Amy Brakefield of Birmingham, AL

Tonitia Butler of Florence, AL

Robby & Louise Dial of Delta, AL

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Lyle of Florence, AL

Newcastle Homes, Inc. of Bessemer, AL

Mallory, Jean & Stephen Pierce of Mountain Brook, AL

Cory & Megan Poss of Athens, AL

Dr. & Mrs. Frank Wall of Florence, AL